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11 and 12 June 2021, 21:30

Theatre "Manos Hatzidakis"

«I keep finding myself confronted with the question, “What is the aim of man’s life?” and, no matter what result my reflections reach, no matter what I take to be life’s source, I invariably arrive at the conclusion that the purpose of our human existence is to afford a maximum of help towards the universal development of everything that exists.» Leo Tolstoy

The Culture Conference Center of Heraklion, CCCC, in collaboration with the A PRIORI theatre productions presents the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy «The death of Ivan Ilych» (1886) dramaturgically adapted for theatre and directed by Konstantina Nikolaidi. The play has been performed for the first time in Greece in 2018, and for the next two years, at Alcmene Theatre in Athens, Greece.
The actors Giorgos Galitis and Thanasis Kourlampas unfold their acting mastery presenting all the characters of the famous novel, within the context of an intriguing dramatic plot, praising Life. Based on a true story and widely considered to be one of the finest novellas ever written, «The Death of Ivan Ilyich» focused on a high-court judge in 19th-century Russia and his sufferings and death from a terminal illness. From a biographical point of view, it might be possible to interpret «The Death of Ivan Ilyich» as a manifestation of LeoTolstoy's (1828-1910) embroilment with death and the meaning of his own life during his final years.

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Translation from Russian to Greek: Pavlos Stefanou
Adaptation for theatre-dramaturgy/Director: Konstantina Nikolaidi
Scenography: Nikos Kasapakis
Music composition: Giannis Economou
Movement: Christina Foteinaki
Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula
Performed by the actors: 
Giorgos Galitis and Thanasis Kourlampas

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