Cycle | Tribute: International Women’s Day
8 March 2021

Selected excerpts of the oeuvre of Greek women writers and poets dated from the Greek Nation Revolution (1821) to our days are accompanied by music works for piano written by women composers of the Romantic Era: a tribute to the International Women’s Day addressed by actress Sophia Dermitzaki and pianist Lily Daka

The two artists perform a continuous flow of works, a never-interrupted, curious amalgam consisted of selected broods of writing by women writers which enriched Greek logos and literature, while looking in retrospect the contemporary history of Greece and the woman’s social status within the Greek society. 

The projection of the performance is accompanied by a synchronized written rendering of the texts (subtitling).

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Sophia Dermitzaki | narration, recitation 

Lily Daka | piano


Rika Deligiannaki: Glass Pomegranate | Collection of works for solo piano «The Glass Pomegranate», No. 8

Rika Deligiannaki: The Mirror of the North | Collection of works for solo piano «The Glass Pomegranate», No. 9

Maria Koulouri: Sisipheios Lethe | Poetry Collection «Moyseio Adeio» (Empty Museum), Melani Publications, 2013

Elisabeth Martinegkou (1801-1832): Autobiography

Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944)

Rondeau: Album des Εnfants, Opus 123, No. 4 

Maria Iordanidou (1897-1989): San ta trela poulia (Like free birds) | Hestia publishers and booksellers, 1978

Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944): Elegie | Album des Enfants, Opus 126, No. 7 

Dido Sotiriou (1909-2004): Mesa stis floges (In the flames) | Kedros Publishers, 1978

Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944): Partouille | Album des Εnfants, Opus 126, No. 9

Elli Alexiou (1894-1988): Luben | 11943, Kastaniotis Editions, 2006

Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944): Valse mignonne | Album des Enfants, Opus 126, No. 12 

Georges Sari (1925-2021): Otan o helios (When the sun) | 11971, Patakis Publishers, 2012

Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944): Orientale | Album des Enfants, Opus 123, No. 9 

Eugenia Fakinou: The seventh garment | 11983, Kastaniotis Editions, 2009

Fanny Mendelssohn (1805-1847): Melodie in C sharp minor, Opus 4, No. 2 

Lily Zographou (1922-1998): Epaggelma porni (Profession: prostitute) | Alexandria Publications, 1994

Clara Schumann (1819-1896): Larghetto in F Major, Opus 15, No. 1 

Maria Tsima: 1. Mia na pas – mia na gyriseis (Going and returning) | To Lithostrato (The Stone Alley), Stereoma Publications, 2017

Rika Deligiannaki: To dilemma (The dilemma) | Collection of works for solo piano «Diadromi 1-24» (Route 1-24)

Maria Tsima: 8. Th’ anoiksoun ta stomata (The mouths will open) | To Lithostrato (The Stone Alley), Stereoma Publications, 2017

Rika Deligiannaki: Proetoimasia (Preparation) | Collection of works for solo piano «Diadromi 1-24» (Route 1-24)

Maria Koulouri: Edodimi (Edible) | Poetry Collection «Astiko elaphi» (Urban deer), [to be published, 2021]

Biographical notes of the performers

Sophia Dermitzaki | actress

Sophia Dermitzaki has graduated from the Athens Conservatoire Drama School, holding an Honors Degree, as well as from the Molecular Microbiology Department, University of Surrey, UK. During 2002-2005, she took part in the acting seminars of the Actor’s Studio method, taught by Andreas Manolikakis. She has participated in the following theatrical performances, either as an actress or as a director:

“Stefanos Sachlikis: The stars that are countless was in a hurry to count” (Dir. Giannis Anastasakis)

“The Woman of Patra” by Giorgos Chronas (Dir. Panos Ioannidis)

“Railroad” by Bryan Reynolds (Dir. Bryan Reynolds)

“Little Pony” by Paco Bethera (direction)

“Stamatia, born Argyropoulou” by Kostas Sotiriou (direction)

“All that my heart can take in the storm” by Akis Dimou (direction – acting)

“Antigone” by Sophocles (direction)

“My mother said I never should” by Charlotte Keatly (direction)

”Letters to a German friend” by Albert Camus (direction-acting)

“The mystery of Hamelin Town” by Thomas Moschopoulos (Dir. Kostas Metaxakis)

“The bus” by Stanislav Stratiev (direction)

“The Three Sisters” by Anton Checkov (Dir. Dimitris Finitsis)

“Boy with a suitcase” by Mike Kenny (Dir. Kostas Metaxakis)

“The missing ones: An interesting life” by Vassilis Katsikonouris (direction - acting)

“A doll’s house” by Henrik Ibsen [Dir. Dimitris Finitsis, Municipal and Regional Theater (DIPETHE) of Ioannina Roumeli, Greece]

“Don Quixote” adapted by Dimitris Adamis (Dir. Kostas Metaxakis)

“An attempt at Medea” (direction)

“The pelican” by August Strindberg (Dir. Dimitris Finitsis)

“The lucky soldier” by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos (Dir. Kostas Metaxakis)

“Knife to the bone” by Kostas Mourselas (Dir. Yiorgos Markopoulos)

”The beauty queen of Leenane” by Martin McDonagh (Dir. Nikaiti Kontouri - assistant director)

”Romos Filiras” (Dir. Giannis Anastasakis - assistant director)

“From the crypt to the light with three cupric dimes” by E.C.Gonatas (Dir. Giannis Anastasakis)

“A midsummer night’s dream” by William Shakespeare [Dir. Giannis Anastasakis, Municipal and Regional Theater (DIPETHE) of Ioannina, Greece]

“Reality” by Claire Lionaki (Dir. Dimitris Finitsis, Greek National Theatre)

“YoU” by Olga Mukhina (Dir. Magdalena Zira, Greek National Theatre)

“The Noah family” by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos [Dir. Giannis Anastasakis, Municipal and Regional Theater (DIPETHE) of Ioannina, Greece]

She has also participated in the following films: “Eternal Kyparissia” (Dir. Zafiris Haitidis), “Shoulder for rent” (Dir. Dimitris Emmanuelidis), “Yes, I’m crying” (Dir. Nikos Trahanas). She is one of the founding members of the artistic group “THESI” (Theatrical Company of Heraklion) and of the group “Stravaganti Nuovi”.

Lily Daka | piano 

Lily Daka was born in Heraklion. She began her studies in piano in her hometown (Rika Deligiannaki) and obtained her soloist diploma in Athens from the Athenaeum Conservatoire (Dora Bakopoulos). Lily Daka enriched her studies in Paris, attending master classes with Marie-Christine Calvet, Levente Kente, Dalton Baldwin (Paris, Centre International de Piano, Nice International Summer Academy). She gave numerous concerts in Europe (France, Austria, Germany), as well as in Crete, Athens and many other cities and islands of Greece. She appeared in the festivals of Heraklion, Simi, Patras and Nicosia. She is primarily interested in chamber music and song accompaniment. 

Lily Daka teaches piano in Heraklion. She also holds a diploma of Greek Literature from the University of Athens and DEA in Modern Greek Literature from the University of Sorbonne (Paris IV).